Our two founders started this company with the simple goal in mind of delivering a high quality solution for people who wanted to use their TradingView indicators and strategies for automated trading. TradingView doesn’t have that capability, and the other solutions on the market are focused solely on Forex and Crypto. We wanted to bring a solution for shares, futures, forex, crypto, and yes even options!

We’re real people, from the United States. We are not a shady fly-by-night company from overseas who may be doing “God-knows-what” with your information. Our Privacy Policy is very clear and legal in the United States. We take our customer’s data security seriously and use best in class options that companies from other countries don’t even have access to. You have no recourse against a company from Estonia, Pakistan, India, China or anywhere else – but we are Americans and our company is incorporated here in the United States because we truly do things right and we believe in our product.

Brett Werner

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Brett Werner has years of entrepreneur experience that he brings to the plate to help steer this new venture. He’s also an experienced investor with a passion for the markets and traders.

Brett has worked in multiple industries, including two decades in the airlines, years as a real estate broker, and investment education. His all around experience is invaluable in helping us develop a quality product.

Anthony Garcia

Chief Investment Officer, Co-Founder

Anthony is the principle developer and strategist behind the TradeConnect software.

With years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor he brought that knowledge to the creation of TradeConnect to make sure that it’s a valuable resource to traders.

As a trading algorithm programmer he knows exactly what customers require for automated trading.